Volunteer in Bethlehem Pre & Primary School

As a volunteer in our School you will be doing different activies such as; teaching, sports, playground monitor, field trips, ICT activities including computer lab, website development and optimization, taking care of small maintenance and construction around the school, help in fund raising activities as the school is still under construction. This school is still underfunded and consequently under-staffed. This is where you come in!

Whether you are a qualified teacher or a student, you could help to make a big impact on the lives of underprivileged children in as a volunteer teaching in our School

What will you be doing?
Our School is very vibrant with most pupils extremely willing to learn. Working in a our school, you may be asked to take lessons in English, Math or Science, but don't worry if you feel your strengths lie outside these areas - the children you teach will benefit from your enthusiasm and your ability to construct sentences in English. Games and sports are another important part of school life, so please be prepared to get involved with these as well.

You will spend some days working alongside with a local teacher or established teaching volunteer, but we also encourage our volunteers to bring their own ideas and to get stuck in! You can make some improvement in a classroom using your own initiatives this will help to develop your skills as a teacher whilst providing help to those most in need.

Typical Week

Volunteers in our School are generally expected to work at their placement five days a week. Weekday mornings will start with breakfast with Students and other volunteers at our School Dining hall, with school starting at around 8.00am. At around 13pm you’ll get a break for lunch, which you can take with other volunteers, Students and local staff. In the afternoons you’ll be taking additional classes or work but there is often time for games and sports and volunteers will help run these.

You will generally finish your placement teaching at around 15pm, though you’ll find that the children will often want you stay around to play! After your placement you’ll get a chance to unwind with other volunteers, Boarding Students and local team members over dinner, and we often organize games and activities of our own in the evenings. Weekends are also your own but there are always plenty of extra Adventures to do in Tanzania!


Living At Bethlehem Star Pre & Primary School

Our volunteers stay in our Hostel in our School at Usa - River, Arumeru District, some of them might stay with host families under special arrangement. The hostel has hot showers, and plenty of communal space for you to share with other pupils and volunteers.

Optional Extras

Bethlehem Star Pre & Primary School may help Volunteers to arrange for several excursions including Wildlife safaris to National Parks, mountain climbing, weekend gateways and beach holidays. Contact us through:

 Email: info@bethlehemstar.ac.tz

 Phone: +255 754260519

               +255 754826823